Packshot Studio has the necessary qualifications and equipment to offer you the best packshots of high-end products. Your packshot will be produced by our specialists who have years of knowledge and experience that will guarantee you precise work and exceptional quality in the photography of luxury products.

We offer luxury packshot photography such as jewelry packshots, watch packshots, shoe packshots and bag packshots, using professional methods to enhance and highlight the product. Investing in a quality packshot guarantees you rapid growth regardless of the size of your business.



Discover the 4 simple steps.

•Make a list of products to photograph and specify the desired quantities.
•Indicate the type of photo you want to obtain.
•Send us an email describing the exact characteristics of the products that have to get photographed.
•In order to have a specific price, it is preferable to attach a photo of the product in the email.

•Within 48 hours, you will receive by email a quote with prices, deadlines and instructions to send the products to be photographed.
•If you have special instructions for taking a photo (e.g. preferred angles), please provide us with this information in the package or send it to us by e-mail.
•Send us an email describing the exact characteristics of the products that have to get photographed.
•Remember to include a detailed list of products and their quantity in the package. This document will be signed and returned to you with the products once the photo is complete.
•Send the products to the address indicated, packing them carefully. Please note: shipping costs are borne by the customer.

•Once the items are received we will proceed to the verification of the products and quantities.
•We will contact you if necessary.
•Each product will be photographed with an appropriate lightening configuration, specific to the characteristics of the product.
•We will then check the quality of each photo and move on to the selection and retouching stage.

•Some sample photos will be sent to you in order to have your approval.
•If your previously provided shooting instructions have not been followed, a second shot will be offered.
•If you want to make changes to the angles, styles or other details of the photos that were not validated at the beginning of the photoshoot, the new shot will be charged.
•After the validation of the photos and the finalization of the photoshoot an invoice will be sent to you. You will have 30 days to pay the amount due.
•Once the payment is received, we will send you a link to upload your photos.
•Finally, we will return your products to you. You can provide us with a prepaid return label. Alternatively, the return costs will be included in the final invoice.